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Side Effects Of Eating Chapati

Dietary fibre can have an impact on food by reducing the rate of glycation breakdown and absorption,hence avoiding an excess of glucose in the body and facilitating the steady breakdown of carbohydrates and release of glucose .

Here are health benefits of wheat chapati;

1•Diabetic friendly _ Some types of bread are not for people who have diabetes,but you can eat wheat chapatis,especially whole wheat chapatis.

Consuming chapatis everyday will reduce insulin resistance and boost insulin sensitivity. Zinc in wheat chapatis also plays s significant role in reducing sugar levels.

2•Good for digestion _Wheat chapatis contain a good a mountof dietary fiber that is extremely beneficial if you're always constipated or have problems emptying your bowels.

IBS patients are suggested to eat wheat chapatis everyday when they have constipation as the fibre content in chapatis can help the stool pass easily.

Consuming chapatis everyday can help you improve your overall digestion and reduce acidity too.

3•Rich in iron_Anaemia is a common problem these days and doctors keep prescribing iron medicines to treat it. But what if l told you that you can get from your meals .Studies explain that eating wheat chapatis are rich in iron.

You can also add some fenugreek leaves,spinach paste to your wheat chapatis dough to make it richer in iron. Try out various iron rich wheat chapati recipes.

4•Rich in proteins _Wheat chapatis or whole wheat chapatis contain a decent quantity of protein. Consuming 4 chapatis can give you 12% of your daily protein intake.

You may add curd ,paneer or some protein _rich gravy to the wheat dough to increase the protein amount.

Wheat chapatiscan be healthier than rice as they have good amounts of protein as well ad healthy carbs.

5•Boost energy levels _The.complex carbs in wheat chapatis can boost our energy levels. Since wheat chapatis are made without using oils or ghee,they're good for your body.

Avoid using too much ghee as its topping,it adds fats to your wheat chapatis. While wheat chapatis boost energy,they also keep you full and satiated for longer hours. Each wheat chapatis has 70_90 gms of energy giving carbs.

•Side effects of wheat chapatis;

Wheat can be a good source of nutrients for sure but it's certainly not the healthiest for everyone.

Wheat also contain gluten which can be allergic. Wheat is also high in oxalates which may cause many allergic reactions.

•Wheat chapatis should be eaten in moderation or you'll consume too much gluten.

•Gluten can cause gastritis,lBs,acidity and other digestive disorders.

•Eczema,rashes and skin problems are rare side effects of wheat chapatis.

•Adding ghee or oil to your wheat chapatis can add to the fat content and make you gain extrs weight too.

Enjoy three to four chapatis everyday with freshly chopped and cooked vegetables. You will enjoy alot of health benefits but the key is to eat wheat chapatis in moderation,thanks for reading.

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