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"Men, Take The Women In Your Life For This Vaccine" Ministry of Health Announces Vaccine For Women

Women are prone to various infections which might affect some parts of their bodies. Therefore, the government through the ministry of health is doing everything possible to ensure that it safeguards women from such infections. One of the virus that they are trying to fight is the Human papillomavirus(HPV) which is a sexually transmitted infection that affects the cervix.[Photo Courtesy]

HPV is one of the common cervical cancer that is continuing to terrorize most women in their silence. For that reason, all women above ten years are supposed to receive this vaccine wich is given in two doses six months apart. The ministry says that the vaccine is safe and effective and is already available in every health facilities in the country.[Photo Courtesy]

Therefore, the government has requested men to be at the fore front while ensuring that the women in their lives are all vaccinated. Therefore, every man should ensure that his sister, wife, daughter, mother and other female relatives are all vaccinated.

Women should be taken for screening and be treated if they are infected. The HPV vaccine is life-long and it will protect all women from genital thwarts and other cancers such as head, neck, annal and vaginal cancers.

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