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The STD With Silent Symptoms. Please Check These Symptoms To See If You Have Chlamydia

Chlamydia is the commonest sexually transmitted disease mostly among young women who are of reproductive age group. The STD is referred to as being one with silent symptoms because most people who get infected will never show any visible signs of having the disease but will still transmit the disease when they fail to use Condoms when getting Intimate.

To those people who experience symptoms symptoms often mimick symptoms of Urinary tract Infections. The bacteria that causes Chlamydia is called Chlamydia Trachomatis.

Below are some of the earliest Signs and Symptoms that indicate your partner might have infected you with Chlamydia.

1. Increased Vaginal Discharge that may have a foul smell. The discharge may be cloudy or watery.

2. Pain or burning Sensation when passing out Urine.

3. Too much increased urge when you want to go for a short call only to pass a very small amount of urine.

4. Getting Intimate starts becoming painful.

5. Frequent pains on Your lower stomach.

6. Bleeding in between periods or you start experiencing heavy bleeding.

7. Persistent sore throat.

If you Experience these symptoms please do not ignore. Make a regular visit to your doctor for further checks. STI screening should be done at least twice a year for couples who are sexually active.

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