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This Plant is a Miracle, Never Ignore, It can Save Your Life!

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How to cure Anemia with the leaves of Cassava

Anemia is an abnormal drop in hemoglobin levels in the blood. Hemoglobin is a protein contained in red blood cells that allows the body to carry oxygen through the blood, that is why people with anemias run out of steam and tire more quickly, because their heart has to redouble its efforts to transmit the same amount of oxygen. Anemia is when the hemoglobin falls below 140 grams per liter of blood in the newborn, 130 g / l in the adult male and 120 g / l in the adult woman.


Reports from reveals that several studies have shown that cassava leaves can be an effective treatment for anemia. Tapioca, a cassava extract is found to be very versatile and useful in the treatment of various health problems.

Method of Treatment

Take a few cassava leaves (2 wrists of leaves)

Clean and crush the cassava leaves without adding water

Mix the juice with condensed milk (small tin)

Drink the mixture

Make the mixture once a day.

Do not take over 3 days or more, this treatment should not exceed 3 days per month, and beyond this period, you may end up with an excess of blood in the body.

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