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The peaceful kingdom. A case of COVID 19 vaccine distribution

A story is told about the peaceful kingdom in the holy bible. It was a prophecy by the prophet Isaiah son of Amoz who lived in the latter half of the eighth century BC. But like he used to ask, can an axe be greater than the person who uses it? It’s now almost 2,800 years, since then. I doubt whether that peaceful kingdom will ever exist. Not in the world full of forces of chaos and evil

The opinion will always be divided. Some will argue that the man of God, Isaiah, spoke of the new king from David's descendants. Just as new branches sprout from a stump. We all know what happened to Jesus Christ of Nazareth (The one he predicted). He was rejected by his fellow Jews who eventually crucified him. Am sure that’s why God scattered them all over the world and recently, unleashed the ‘holocaust’ menace to them through Hitler. They pride themselves on being God's chosen people but I doubt whether they will ever know peace. My crystal ball tells me they won’t.

He predicted that wolves and sheep will leave together in peace and that leopards will lie down with young goats. This will NEVER happen. More so, in that wonderful kingdom, he foresaw calves and lions’ feeding together and little children taking care of them. Okay, let us not overstretch our thinking and logically look at the Global Covid19 vaccines distribution. The wolves, lions, and leopards, the ones who bore the highest death casualties of the vicious bug, have vaccinated over 43% of their population. For instance, in our mother wolve Britain, more than 44.8 million people in the UK have received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine - part of the biggest inoculation program the country has ever launched. The lion, USA has vaccinated 47.6% of its population hence nearing herd immunity. One of the leopards, France where our prince is has vaccinated 31.4% of its citizens. As of June 19, 2021, Seychelles was the African country with the highest coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination rate. The rest of the sheep, lions, and calves are below 10%. This includes South Africa the continent's most affected nation. The little child in the name of WHO recognizes those disparities

Here in Kenya, the vaccine isn’t even a priority. It's either BBI cases or 2022 prospects. Our ‘king’ told us that 80% of our population will be vaccinated by mid-next year. So far less than 2million have received the 1st jab of the so-called AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine. The long wait continues. Is that what prophet Isaiah predicted as a king whose spirit of the Lord will give him wisdom, and the knowledge and skill to rule his people? I doubt. 

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