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How to Make Your Teeth White and Sparkling Naturally

A smile looks amazing on our faces. We all desire to grin confidently thus white teeth gives us a better smile.Teeth loaded with plaque lowers our self-esteem. Here I'll talk about foods that will work on your teeth for this purpose.

In order to understand on how to do this, we should first understand how different foods work at cellular levels. A study on these foods has been used to establish their major roles in enamel protection. In addition these foods are very nutritious hence bring extra benefit to your health. Besides, these foods are available around us at cheap prices. They include:

1) Broccoli

This is a vegetable that is available in our markets easily. Chew eat raw daily and watch the results. It files away bad bacterias in the mouth and prevents formation of plaque. It is also rich in iron and a good one to eat when you want to lose weight.

2) Celery

It has occurred to me that most vegetables play crucial roles in our bodies. Celery also prevents formation of plaque on teeth. In addition it cleanses our livers thoroughly.

3) Nuts and seeds

They contain calcium. Calcium plays a major role formation of the enamel. Nuts and seeds keep tooth strong and gives them an abrasive texture which wards off plaque.

4) Strawberries

Strawberries have malic acid which improves on coloring teeth making them more whiter.

5) Pineapples

Pineapples have many roles in our bodies. Pineapples have bromelin an enzyme which breaks down sticky plaque formings on the enamel.

Choose your food and keep smiling

Content created and supplied by: DaphneFields (via Opera News )



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