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Benefits of charcoal that may be helpful to you

1.Removing toxins from food.

Fertilizers and herbicides used on vegetables and crops may be harmful to your health and for that reason drop your veggies in a solution of charcoal for sometime.

2. For teeth whitening.

Crush the charcoal into fine powder and use the powder to brush your teeth.

3. Restoring bad food to good food.

Charcoal extracts the bad smell and bad taste from food that was rotten.

4. Neutralizing alcohol.

When you mixed alcohol or if you consume a lot of alcohol you can consider having a solution of charcoal.

4. Water filtration.

Put some charcoal in water and allow it to settle then you can consume it because it is now safer for your health.

6. Skin smoothening.

Grind charcoal into fine powder and make a thick solution with it then smear it on your body and leave it for some time.

Charcoal is the best and cheaper.

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