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Control Your Diabetes With This Common Vegetable

Okra has been shown to help prevent diabetes. It is high in fiber, which aids in illness prevention.


How to Make Use Of

Okra water is the best way to use this vegetable for diabetes control. The steps to make okra water are as follows:

.Cut the ends off two okra pods.

. Once you slit the pod, a sticky liquid will flow out. It must not be washed.

. Fill a glass halfway with water and place these pods in at night, covering with a dish.

Remove the pods the next day.

. To keep your blood sugar under control, make this water every day and drink it first thing in the morning. It's worth noting that okra water is far more effective than cooked okra for curing diabetes.

. It lowers the glycemic load of glucose in the blood, which would otherwise disrupt the body's ability to digest sugar efficiently, leading to diabetes.

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