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Ways in which you can overcome anger

Anger is one of the emotions that makes most of the relationship to break up.

Anger can be caused by the misunderstanding in relationship and it can lead to the death or even harming each other

Ways in which one can overcome anger are as follows;

1; Always thinking before you talk

It is always advised to think before you talk so that you may take caution to avoid your partner from becoming angry it is always good to talk things that are making sense and adding impact to each other.

2; Reading Bible

Since Bible it was written by people who are inspired by the holy spirit it is good to read Bible and see how people like Moses and children of Israel overcomes anger.

3; praying

Since nothing is impossible with God it is always good to pray God and ask him strength to overcome anger.

4: presence of children

Since children are the blessings from God they are also source of happiness in most of families they make people happy hence overcoming anger

5: Eating balanced diet

Eating well balanced diet is very encouraged since it helps people to be healthy, happy and also refreshed hence living no room for anger.

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