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She Has Lived In Water For The Last 20 Years, Find Out Why

This Woman Has Lived In Water For The Last 20 Years, Find Out Why She Has To Live In Water. Photo|Courtesy

Wonders will actually never cease. The world is full of wonders that happen on a daily basis and therefore sometimes you fail to understand why such things happen. In this article therefore, we meet a woman who has actually lived in water for such a long time and the reason why she has to. We all know that only animals live in water and therefore for a woman to be seen in water then it is actually unbelievable. In this case therefore, there must be a reason for a person to make such a decision especially now that she is a woman.Pataruni Gosh, the woman who comes from a village In India’s West Bengal is alleged to have stayed in water for the past two decades. As you can see in the photos, the woman is submerged such that only the head and part of the neck is seen floating on water. The rest of the body is inside the waters. Its said that the woman does not stay inside the waters overnight but what she does is to walk to the nearby lake to stay in the water from morning to evening. It’s said that the woman does it without getting tired since it is also religious based. 

The main reason why she wakes up very early in the morning to head to the lake is that she is actually suffering from a disease that is unknown. Since 1998, her body has been characterized by mysterious sores that have left her body inflamed. Since that time, the woman has decided to stay inside the waters to relieve the pain that comes from the sores. You can’t believe it that she has been doing this for the last 2 decades now. She has to stay inside the waters for close to 12 or 14 hours since the family is unable to pay for hospital expenses. The only solution for her is to stay inside the waters.

It is said that some well wishers and her people would come to keep her company while others say that she will one day turn into the spirit of the lake. Her family appears helpless since they have been wondering on how they can help her. They still have hopes though that one day a doctor will be found to cure or to work on her condition. Watch her story below:

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