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We Still Have Along Way To Walk Before The Country Get Reopened.

Many people are expecting reopening of country to take place on 29th of May. As a result of this, Kenyans should know that for the country to be reopened the rate of infections of Covid-19 must have reduced to at least 5% and below. By that we can easily say that we will be safe even if the country get reopened but however, from the reports issued by the ministry of health, we still have a long journey since the rate of Covid-19 infections stands at 9.7%.

Therefore Kenyans are advised to strictly adhere to all the Covid-19 protocols laid down by the ministry of health especially those people who are not following these rules since majority of the people are doing it. Through this,we will be able to contain this virus within a short period of time and hopefully reach the target in order for those people who are locked to be freed.

Therefore we can see that we need to reduce this virus by 4.5% again so that we flatten the curve before the president conduct his speech on May. But in joining hands together we shall be able to conquer this pandemic.

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