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10 Habits That Stain Your Teeth Unknowingly

Even though we do regular brushing, flossing and mouth washing, the first appearance of tooth stains takes all your confidence away. Here are some of the reasons why teeth stain and how to get them all white again.

1. Holding food and drinks in your mouth- The longer the food stays in your mouth after chewing, the more chances of getting your teeth stained. The sugar in soft drinks affects the enamel of the teeth turning them to yellow. To prevent this, drink beverages with a straw as it reduces the contact between your teeth and the drink.

2. Adding berries to your diet- Munching berries in salads increases the risk of cavities and tooth stains. Instead, use strawberries which have an impressive teeth whitening effect.

3. You skip iced tea- Iced tea contains malic acid which has bleaching properties. It increases saliva production which fights tooth decay and staining.

4. You swim frequently- Swimming in chlorinated water weakens your enamel and turns teeth yellow and brown. Staying in pool for more than 6 hours a week causes staining of the teeth unintentionally.

5. You use a mouthwash- Although mouthwash gives you fresh breath, it contains some ingredients that react with food to make the teeth dull. If you have to use the mouthwash, pick the one that doesn't contain eucalyptol and chlorhexidine.

6. You use a hard toothbrush- Brushing your teeth violently wears the dental enamel causing staining and even making the teeth more susceptible to decay and sensitivity. Use a soft toothbrush and replace it after every 3 months.

7. You use certain spices- Using some spices in food can stain your teeth and make them yellowish. Add herbs instead of spices to improve dental health.

8. Teeth staining beverages- Drinking coffee contains dark pigment called chromogen which darkens the enamel over time. Always rinse your mouth with water each time you drink coffee.

9. Extremely stressed- Stressed people often grind their teeth to relieve the tension which can cause potential damage to the teeth. This weakens the enamel making the teeth brittle and yellow.

10. Smoking- Cigarettes contain nicotine which contributes to stained and discolored teeth. This leads to bad breath, increased plague, gum diseases and even teeth loss.

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