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Corona Virus Cause Serious Damage To This Part Of The Body, Look How It Affects

There are many diseases worldwide. Some of them are caused by fungi, bacteria or virus. Most people have died from these diseases such as typhoid, cholera, tuberculosis and covid-19. Like corona virus has taken more than 100,000 lives since the first case was reported in Wuhan China 2019. It has caused alot of suffering as many families lost their relatives and parents. Young children are orphans and they lack basic needs such as food, clothes and shelter.Corona virus is transmitted from one person to another through contact. It can be controlled by wearing musk and avoid contact with the infected person. Signs and symptoms include; high temperature or fever, difficult in breathing and coughing . Furthermore the virus is very dangerous because it causes alot of damage specific parts in the body. It causes damage to the breathing system. The virus attacks both lungs, making the patient to experience difficult in breathing. The affected lungs are unable to supply enough oxygen to the blood making the patient weak. Remember the function of lungs is to supply oxygen to the blood. So it is good to protect yourself and also avoid overcrowded place to reduce the spreading of this virus.

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