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Stomachache After Eating? See The Possible Causes & Prevention Measures

Food allergies

This occurs when your body mistakes a certain food as a foreign object or invader which is harmful. Thus the immune system releases things known as antibodies to fight against it and during the process,pain ensues.

Food intolerance

This is where the immune system isn't involved and the body's digestive system isn't compatible with certain types of food.Therefore, the sensitive food either irritates or causes incomplete digestion. Thus causing pain.

Celiac disease

This is a situation whereby the body's immune response to gluten leads to damage of the lining walls of the small intestine.This gluten involves the protein from either wheat or barley.

Peptic ulcer

These are woulds that develop in the inner side of the lining of stomach and parts of small intestine. They cause a feeling like burning sensations after eating or when you stay longer without eating.


First,avoid foods that oftenly causes allergy. For example,Milk,Soy and Fish

Second,make sure every time you take foods rich in vegetables and fiber plus fruits which do not contain much acid like oranges and lemons.

Thirdly, drink lots of water in between meals and ensure you increase the number of times of taking meals.

Lastly,avoid or abstain from caffeine or alcohol

Hope have helped you.Feel free to leave your opinion below.

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