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Did you know that excessive consumption of fried chips causes poor health

Do fried chips cause poor health which may result to death . Fried chips contains alot of fats and starch hence alot of consumption may lead to the body storing alot of cholestrerol . The cholesterol accumulation in the body may lead to poor health or may cause obesity.

The salt that is added to the fried chips can lead to the body retaining water which may result or contribute to weight gain. The more the consumption of fried chips the high the chance of getting the condition obesity and poor health.Obesity can result in a lot of complication in the body.People with severe obesity are more likely to have other diseases eg stroke,gallbladder disease, diabetes and many more which lead to poor health.

In some cases, it may lead to disability and also death.The fried chips are hence not advised to excessively consume due to the high cholesterol which may lead to the body weakening that may lead to death.

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