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"My Skin Started Turning White" Man Narrates

On average the odds of surviving lightening are one in 700,000 which may seem pretty good but given how many people there are in this planet and the fact that lightening hits 40 to 50 times per second, the odds are a bit dismal. 

A man known as Damascene is one of the lucky people on Earth who have survived after being struck by lightening.

He was struck as he was going back home after fetching water. A white cloud formed above him and lightening struck him through the trees. He was left with white marks all over the body.

Upon getting home, he removed his t-shirt and showed his wife the marks. She ran away immediately and left him alone. From that day, she has never returned and never bothered asking what had happened. It has been six whole years and Damascene clings on the hope that his wife will return home one day. They had two children but the wife left with one. The other one lives with his aunt. Fortunately, the kids visit him frequently.

From the day when he was struck, the marks started spreading all over his body. Unfortunately, he couldn't go to hospital because he didn't have money. Damascene believes that he is turning into a white man and even his hair will soon turn blonde.

His skin hurts and feels itchy all the time. Also, his skin is no longer able to regulate temperature and he feels extremely cold at night.

Sadly, he faces so much stigma from people who believe that his condition is contagious.

He is no longer able to work for long hours since his body is always so weak. The condition killed his dream of becoming a thriving footballer.

Damascene is now appealing to well Wishers to help him raise money for treatment.

Watch the video here to get details on how you can donate towards Damascene's medical fund through Afrimax English.

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