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The Most Expensive Liquid In The World, Costs Over 4 Billion Kenyan Shillings Per 4.5 Litres

Which is the most expensive liquid in the world?

Scorpion's venom happens to be the most expensive liquid in the world. This stuff costs $39 million per gallon. Now, even if you had the money, you couldn't just go and buy a gallon of the stuff, because you can only get it in tiny, minuscule amounts. $130 will get you a droplet that's smaller than a grain of sugar.

Benefits of the venom

Scorpions use their venom as a defense against predators and to kill prey, but only 25 species of scorpion have venom that would be lethal to humans.

The protein found in scorpion venom, however, can be used to treat pain in humans who suffer from multiple sclerosis (MS), inflammatory bowel disease, and rheumatoid arthritis.

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