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Some of the positive effects of covid–19.

Covid–19 is a respiratory disease caused by corona virus.The first infection reported in Wahun,China.On 11th March,2020 World Health Organizion declared it a Global Pandemic.Some common symptoms of corona virus are:High body temperature,Coughing,Sneezing,Sore throat,Headache and difficulty in breathing.It's mostly spread through Contact,Inhaling and Touch.

With approximately over 126,000,000 infection,71,000,000 recoveries and over 2,500,000 deaths,corona virus has continued terrorizing many parts of the World.Even though corona virus has brought more loss almost in every sector,we should not forget that what has demerits also has its merits.In this article I'll take a look at some of the good of covid–19.


With the wide spread of covid–19,learning institution were forced to shut down.This saw the introduction of new technology in the education sector.Since corona virus possed a threat to the whole education sector,Online classes was introduced.

Re Union

Covid–19 has positively had an impact the way we emote and maintain relationships.For better future, families and friends can now get to get to have more time helping in building a better tomorrow.

Invention and innovation

There has been introduction of new online working tools.Organizations are coming fourth with updated product range.There as even been introduction of robots to perform acertain task at this time when it's difficult to get humans to the real working.

Innovation to stay connect and help each other

This quarantine welcomes ideas,hacks,tip and trick to beat the lock down and help our communities.Companies across the the globe have started thinking about coming up with product and services ranges that enable you to be as connected as it were earlier before the pandemic.

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