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How To Get Rid Of Toxic Habits.

If you are tired of being surrounded by useless cycles and bad habits the following points will help you develop better habits.

1.First you need to break these conditionings.

Pay attention to your habits and try to get rid of what convinces you to stay in these kind of cycles. Get out of there and set yourself free.

When you find out what are the reasons of dealing and accepting bad situations or feelings, you can try to break them.

For example feeling that you are the reason of disappointment for your parents as a child, may cause you lack of confidence as an adult.

2.Pay attention to what gets you into cycles or habits.

Sometimes bad things may happen when we are doing something we may like. After that we may avoid that favorite thing because of bad memories.

We must take a step back, teach our brain that bad things are not exactly attached to what we like and start that thing again.

3. Stay away from that kind of things or places or situations that stimulates bad habits or cycles you're trying to leave.

For example you used to see someone you loved at a park near your office, but he or she always gave you bad feelings; for example she always told you you're not enough. Stop drifing in that park every single day!

4.Start with little steps and don't forget that big goals are achieved by little steps.

If you want to stop drinking tea everyday, and for example you use to drink 8 cups everyday, first reduce it to 6 cups the first week. Next week you can reduce it more and the next week more,like that.

5.Reward Yourself.

Who the hell says that taking steps towards a goal is not a big deal? Most of people just think about not anymore. And guess what? You're one step further than the others. So what? You deserve rewards.

Give yourself rewards after specific steps you have taken towards your goals. For example if you're trying to get out of smoking, buy yourself a present after 3 days being on schedule. Don't punish yourself. Take it easy!

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