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Does your brain fail you during an exam? Well here is a natural remedy for good memory


An infusion from Rosemary leaves is an excellent tonic that facilitates circulation, especially in the brain thus producing memory enhancement. Molecules in Rosemary oil have the ability to interact with the brains, neurotransmitters. Compounds are absorbed into the blood by inhaling the aroma, they interact with what is called cholinergic system, which is involved in memory.


It enhances performance in aspects of memory and also attention. This plant is capable of improving memory in the elderly. Sage has antioxidants qualities that can help slow down aging symptoms which includes memory loss. This is the reason why sage extract is utilised in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

Ginkgo biloba

The leaves from this plant have been used to improve blood circulation especially in the brain. Due to its dilating effect upon brain arteries ginkgo helps with intellectual functions and the preservation of memory.


It increases alertness and it reduces frustrations


Peppermint scent reduces anxiety and fatigue

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Ginkgo Rosemary Sage


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