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Opinion- Everyone should know their genotype before marriage

Every time a woman conceives and visits the doctor to start their antenatal care, the doctor will always run a number of tests on her and also ask her about her health background. This is very important because it enables the doctor to pre empt any eventualities that are not favourable to both the mother and the child.

Among the tests carried out are the genotype test. This test enables the doctor to know whether both parents are healthy and therefore the baby will definitely be healthy too, this is the main reason why people should find out if they are compatible before marriage and if they are not compatible then they should simply break up. Better a broken relationship than a broken marriage.

There maybe compatibility issues which could have devastating effects when it comes to conception.

Genotype is the entire genetic constitution of an individual.

There are four haemoglobin genotypes in human beings; AA, AS, SS and AC which are uncommon. SS and AC are the sickle cell

When it comes to marriage and you are AA then you can marry anybody, when you are AS then it's better you marry AA since AS is a carrier of sickle cell.

In a case scenario where AS and AS or AS and AC are dating then the two should not settle together since they are all sickle cell carriers hence it's very risky because their chances of conceiving sickle cell children is very high.

The bottom line is two sickle cells should avoid conception.

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