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Health Implications Of Sleeping With A Fan On

Some people can not sleep besides the fan on. Whether it' s the hot summer nights or because the sound helps them to fall asleep, the wind blowing on them is a must. Even though the fan itself is not dangerous, the usage of it at nighttime can lead to sure things.

1. It will dry out your mouth and nasal passages: research has shown that leaving the fan on can assist evaporate sweat and moisture from your physique leading to drying of your mouth and nasal passages. If you stay in a dry area, this can happen faster. You will be very dehydrated, so a cup of water can fix the problem.

2. It is one of the motives of muscle cramps:

The temperature at night decreases very quickly and exposure to cold is one of the reasons of muscle cramps.

Fans expose you to extra focused and cold air blowing at once vat you. If you are experiencing hot nights, the fan can amplify your core temperature leading to warmness related Illnesses like nausea or headache

Solutions to this:

1. Sleep with an open window:

This is a very simple answer for warm nights. The bloodless wind throughout the early morning will help to cool the air. If you are scared of mosquitoes, use a net.

2. Turn the fan in another direction:

If you cannot simply do barring

your fan, attempt turning it in every other direction. This will stop it from blowing without delay at you. You can also attempt putting it at your window, so it can seize the outdoor air and assist it enter the room.

A lot of people might ignore this relevant piece of information because they have different beliefs. The fact you' ve been doing it and nothing has happened to you doesn' t mean it' s right.

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