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Best and Worst Foods For People With Stomach Ulcers.

Many people in the world today are fighting stomach ulcers. This ulceration is usually caused by a bacteria called helicobacter pylori. Among other causes of ulcers, stress, acidity, taking pain killers for long periods of time, and poor feeding habits may worsen the condition of your ulcers. The choice of foods may help a patient to control this condition.

Best foods and drinks


Yogurt is a good source of a class of bacteria called probiotics. These bacteria help in the elimination of the pylori bacteria which causes ulceration.

Foods rich in fiber

Fiber facilitates the reduction of the acid produced in the stomach. Additionally, fiber is known to reducing pain from ulcers and prevents bloating. With these benefits, fiber-rich foods such as apples, oatmeal, and pears are highly beneficial.

Foods rich in vitamin A

Vitamin A is believed to have the ability to shrink ulcers. Therefore, foods such as sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, and liver are good for such people.

Vitamin C rich foods

Vitamin C has wound-healing abilities. Foods rich in this vitamin include citrus fruits, broccoli, and strawberries.

Worst foods


Milk is known to trigger the body to manufacture more acids. However, it reacts differently in different people. Therefore, if one takes milk and gets relieved they should continue using it.


Alcohol makes ulcers even worse by wearing out the mucosa membrane due to high acidity. It is advisable to take it in moderation or to avoid it completely.

Fast foods

The majority of fast foods contain trans fats which are known to worsen ulcers.

You should also avoid acidic foods and consult your doctor if symptoms persist.

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