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7 Things you Would better stop Doing before a Doctor Visit

Don't get manicure or pedicure

It not necessary to do all that including make up when you are going to visit a doctor specifically a dermatologist; this type of doctors treat a lot of diseases and fungal infections are located in the nails. It is very important for the doctor to examine the natural state of your nails, this may help a lot. 

Don't get too thirsty before a urine test

Human urine contains a lot of water and only little acid; ammonia, hormones, dead blood cells, protein, and other substances. Since the concentration of required substances is low, u need to drink water before you visit the doctor to produce more urine for the test. 

Don't eat a salty meal before having a blood pressure test

There are several things you must avoid before getting this test and one of them is salt because it contributes to the rise of blood pressure. Before the test avoid foods like nuts, beans and fast food. These foods will just affect the end results

Don't take medicine before having a blood test

Some medicines affect the blood so a few days before the test; just don't take any drug so that your blood becomes clean and it will show better results. If you have pills that you should take daily, just don't take them in the morning, do this after the test. You can also discuss the issue with a specialist for more information.

Don't change your everyday schedule.

This means, eat during the normal time and also sleep according to your daily schedule. If you perhaps sleep an hour later after your normal time, your body will definitely suffer from stress which affects its general condition and different body indices. The same applies to other things; just do everything as you are used to. 

Don't surf the Internet before visiting an ophthalmologist

Constant eye strain can indicate a problem but in your eyes but this problem may be caused by using gadgets for a long time. Some jobs require you to have this information in your paper and if the tests show unwanted result you might not get that job. So be at your best and avoid gadgets before the test

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