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Harmful Things Smoking Does To Your Body

There are things that smoking does to your body that are harmful.Here are harmful things that smoking does to your body.

1.Makes one to become infertile by destroying sex organ.It damages the eggs in female and causes low sperm count in males.The rate of fertilization will be low because eggs are damaged by smoking female.Also male become infertile because it destroys sperms and reduces production of sperms.

2.Damages many parts of the body including eyes.It alters the cells of eyes causing blindness.It destroys the tissues of the lungs by producing thick mucus which clog the air sacs leading to low oxygen into the lungs.It causes swearing of the joints in the body.

3.Changes the density of blood by making it thicker.When thickness of blood increase, the heart beat rate increase.This leads to high blood pressure or sometimes cause heart attack or stroke which causes dead.This results from clogging of the blood vessels.

4.It causes damage and weakness of bones.It produces substance which damages the bones by digesting them into small bones.It also damages the teeth and the gum by causing the gum to become loose.

5.Makes one to become old very faster.It changes the physical appearance of the body.It produces a substance which causes the wrinkling of the skin making one to age faster.It wrinkles many parts of the body aging you faster than the person who is older than you.

6.Weakens the immunity of a person.When you are taking it, you immunity lowers and blown to high chances of getting diseases.That is why people who smoke have high chances of getting diseases.It also damages the sense of taste.It destroys the cells in the mouth that are responsible for taste.When you try to eat something, there is no taste at all.

7.It encourages growth of cancer cells in various parts of the body.It causes cancer in the lungs.It also causes cancer in male reproductive organs and cervical cancer in female.It sometimes cause throat cancer and colon the cancer.

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