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3 signs Of Cancer Signs Women Mostly Ignore.

The woman's body goes through numerous changes than that of a man. These types of changes can sometimes seem to be part of a healthy body transformation while they are not. On the other hand, some might as well be considered as temporary conditions, while they might turn out to be permanent if not treated. Below are the the signs of cancer that are mostly ignored by women.


Almost all women have once or twice Experienced stomach bloating. Most of which are harmless and considered as a normal thing. However, if you experience persistent bloating, a doctor's consultation is needed because such body reactions can as well be one of the common cancer symptoms that many of the women tend to ignore.

changes in the nail.

Some women might think it's natural and cute to see or have a small brown stripe in one of their toe nails. However, you are mistaken, a certain cancer called π‘€π‘’π‘™π‘Žπ‘›π‘œπ‘šπ‘Ž is known to show up by developing a small brown vertical stripe in the toe nails. Don't ignore this in case you see it.

Can't swallow.

Having some kind of difficulty when it comes to swallowing can be a normal thing. But if it's accompanied by vomiting and unexpected weight loss you might probably have a stomach or throat cancer. However, let's not jump to conclusions, just consult your doctor if the symptoms persists for more than a week.

Thank you so much for your time. Please be sure to share this information with your family, friends, neighbors and all your loved ones, without forgetting to follow me for more educative health contents.


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