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Meet Harnaam Kaur the Woman with a Beard Who lives in India

We have experienced most wonders of the world and people with different conditions. But bearded woman is quite unique thing in the world. Meet Harnaam who lives in India she is a motivational speaker. She was born in England in November 1990.She was raised by her parents and in around the age of 12 years she was diagnosed with the condition of polycystic ovary syndrome where be began having the condition of growing beards since she had more male hormones by developing many facial and hairy body.

She did not feel demolished in fact she took it as uniqueness and live with it. Under the influence from so many motivations she decided to be a motivational speaker. She explained that she was pleased with her body and the way she looked was descent and she is a freelance model.

And she has been to so many shows recoding history and around 2016 she recorded a history of been the youngest woman to have beards in the Guinness world records.

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