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Main Reason As To Why HIV Still Remains Incurable Till Date.

HIV is basically a Virus. However this Virus is different from other viruses since once it infects you, your HI Status Will permanently remain to be HIV Positive. However with the introduced Antiviral drugs, one is able to make the HIV Virus in the blood to remain to undetectable.

Scientists have worked day and night to study and establish the drug that can cure this virus but they still have not been successful. However Scientists have only been able to develop antivirals which basically works by inhibiting viral multiplication and not fully eliminating the HIV virus. When one defaults taking the ARVS the number of HIV Virus will still multiply again.

This is why it is always recommended that people should always use protection even if their viral load is not detectable since there is still minimal risk for transmission and infection with HIV Virus.

The HIV Virus is different from other viruses in the following way. The HIV Virus structure is different and when it reattached to the host's cells it has a lantent viral Reservoir. This means it integrates into the host DNA. It becomes so complex for HIV to ever live the Host's DNA. So the only option is just control of the multiplication of the virus by use of Antivirals which inactivates the Virus enzymes.

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