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7 Unobvious Signs That Shows Your Child Needs To See A Doctor

Mole growth

When you notice a spot that is asymmetric, irregular in color or large appears on the body, or an existing mole starts to grow, these are signs that shows that your child has to see a doctor.

Hair loss

If a child starts to loss the hair, the source of the problem is most likely to be hidden inside the body and the reason might be lack of vitamins. Consider seeing a pediatrician to find out the real reason for this condition.

Mood and behavior swings

When the child has a sudden reduction in appetite, trouble with sleep or decreased motion are important reasons to visit a doctor.

Increased head size

Babies have an absolutely normal fontanelle which will close in time, but it should not grow bigger and if it happens, it can be a sign of some disease.

Decreased hearing

If you notice a child is not reacting to requests and does not respond even when you call him or her by name, then he or she probably has a hearing problems, a condition which should be checked by a doctor.

Continuous thirst

A frequent and seemingly innocent requests for drinking may turn out to be a sign of some sort of health problems in babies, in this case you have to rush to see a doctor.

Loud snoring

When a baby has a quiet snoring, be sure that there’s no a dangerous sign, but a loud snoring indicates some breathing problems which is very dangerous symptom to ignore because it may be a sign of infection.

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