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5 Causes of Nosebleeds and Prevention

1.Blowing your nose repeatedly

Blowing your nose several times hardly can cause nose bleeding due excess stress to the nostrils,when blowing your nose you should do it gently using a clean dry handkerchief,this also is comfortable to the people around you when you are blowing your nose.

2.Injuries to your nose or presence of a foreign object in your nose

When having an injured nose,you can nose bleed due to flow of blood out of your nostrils,you should seek medical attention when having an injured nose ,moreover you should practice hygiene and make your nose always clean.

3.Dry air conditions and dry climate

Exposing yourself to dry air conditions can make you nose bleed,this can happen due to increased friction in your nose while inhaling and exhaling air.

4.Respiratory infections like cold

Respiratory diseases such as pneumonia and cold can make your nose bleed because of the disturbance of the nose glands due to predisposing factors of bacterial diseases .

5.Rubbing your nose too hard or pricking with your fingernails

Nose bleeding can also be a cause of rubbing your nose hardly when there is an irritation in your nostrils therefore,you should use your handkerchief instead of your fingernails to gently rub your nose whenever you feel irritated,in doing this your also become hygienic .

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