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Life After Unemployment: How A Formal Top Journalist Is Living A Miserabl Life After Loosing His Job

Life is not a smooth graph. It haves ups and downs but how you handle every situation is what matters most.

Life is full of challenges and disappointments. If not well handled they may lead to depression and health problems. Acceptance and moving on is the best way to keep you moving.

David Gachoka popularly known as Gachoka wa Muturi was a news reporter and a journalist at KBC owned radio station called CORO FM. He was reporting from Ruiru to Thika area.

He was one of the most respected person on the area until he loss his job in 2017 because of alcoholism. He could take alcohol and forget to carry out his duty as a reporter.

After he loss his job, Gachoka wa Muturi turned out to a total drunkard. He could be seen early in the morning sleeping in the tunnels totally drunk.

He was not able to pay his rent and he went back to his parents home to stay with them. His life turned out to be miserable as he could not even feed himself.

When formal Kiambu county Governor Ferdinand Waititu started the "Kaa sober" program which was meant to help the alcohol addict, Gachoka was one of the beneficiaries and was made a supervisor.

However, this did not last for long as he went back to alcoholism immediately he received his first payment. Depression is what can be seen on this Ex-KBC reporter.

The efforts by local people to take him to a rehabilitation center have not yet been successful.

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