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Those Individuals Who Are HIV Positive But Still Not Spread The Virus

HIV is a lifelong virus that affects the human immune system. Its the ability to attack the CD4 cells that renders one susceptible to another disease attack that is opportunistic infections for example pneumonia.

The virus progresses to Aids on failure to initiate early treatment having opportunistic infections like pneumonia setting in. Once treatment is not initiated, the condition worsens and an individual deteriorates progressively.

Through the use of Anti-retroviral Drugs, the virus is prevented from replicating resulting in reduced multiplication. Once one uses the drugs, the viral load is reduced improving an individual's health status. Observing the regimen will hence help an individual save life.

The chances of spreading the virus are also low when having a low viral load. It doesn't mean that you are negative. It can rise again when you don't take anti-retroviral viral drugs.

Therefore, one has to continue taking medication without fail to get his or her health into control.

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