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Habits That Can Actually Harm Your Health During A Cold Weather

Taking a hot drink 30 minutes before going outsideIt is important to remember that hot tea increases blood circulation and improves your body's defense mechanisms. But it also makes blood vessels expand. Meaning that when you go outside into the cold, you lose a lot of body heat really quickly. That being said, if you really need a drink, it's better to go for water or anything warm rather than hot.

Using nasal drops before going outsideActually, a cold environment makes the nasal passages narrower. If we give them a little "help" in the form of nasal drops, the mucous membranes won't be able to defend us against microorganisms or warm up the cold air we inhale. It's advised to simply blow your nose before you go outside.

Breathing through your mouth instead of your nose Breathing through the mouth doesn't make the air warm or give it any moisture, and this increases the possibility of being struck down by angina. You should try to avoid this by simply breathing through your nose, slowly and deeply.

Covering your nose and mouth using a scarf

The water vapor that we breathe out when we exhale can turn to ice if it falls straight onto the material of a scarf or coat during cold weather. The air that then passes through your iced-over protective cover is colder than it would be without that barrier. This can cause angina and bronchitis and irritate the skin. If you really need to, you can cover your face, but don't cover your nose.

Staying hungry during a cold weatherThe human body needs energy in order to produce body heat, otherwise we'll freeze very quickly. And that's why you need to eat as soon as pangs of hunger appear. At the very least, you should have a snack and a cup of hot tea somewhere where there's heating.

Drinking alcohol while outsideAfter drinking alcohol, you'll only feel warm for 30 to 40 minutes. After this point, your body will begin to cool down very quickly. Moreover, your brain may not react adequately to this danger, failing to send a signal that you're getting colder. It's better to just drink inside.

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