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Men Don't Wash Their Boxers Often, Research Shows

Being clean is very important and enhance healthy lifestyle.However washing clothes, bathing, brushing teeth and ensuring proper sanitation is among the aspects of cleanliness.However putting on clean clothes is very important.Having clean body and clean clothes improves the physical outlook. However how often do people was clothes. According to information from reliable sources, large percentage of men puts on their underwear more than once before washing it.This however puts the individuals at risk of getting infections, rashes or experiencing irritation in their private parts due to sweating.Indeed in order to maintain good health,the underwear should be put on not more than one day before washing it.

Indeed maintaining hygiene is very important as it prevents some diseases that affects the skin such as rashes.However what is your concern regarding the research showing men rarely wash their boxers? Feel free to leave your opinion in the comment section and share this article.

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