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5 Survival Skills We Should Know In Case Of Emergency

A venomous scorpion bite

Most people have not come into contact with a venomous scorpion. Their bites are quite painful to healthy adults but they are not always life threatening. There are various species but I am going to talk about a certain type of scorpion 2 to 3 inches long, light brown with a little darker back in color and it can mainly be found in the desert in the Southwest in US. Its venom can cause side effects like shallow and quick breathing, high blood pressure weakness, a racing heart and muscle twitches.

If you think you have been bitten by such, just seek medical attention and if possible explain or take a picture of the scorpion to the doctor so that you get the right medicine

Carbon monoxide poisoning

It is also known as a silent killer, at some point some of you have heard of people losing their lives due to this gas. It is called a silent killer because it have no smell or taste, so you won’t even notice that you are breathing, not unless you start feeling unwell.. Some symptoms include, dizziness, tiredness and confusion, difficulty in breathing and shortness in breathe. If you suspect there is leakage of this gas you should open the windows and doors, get out of your house immediately, stay calm to avoid racing your hearts rate and visit a doctor


The strongest and violent ones can cause a serious damage to things and even animals, but such tornadoes rarely occur but the weaker ones are common. do the following to survive; find a room in the basement or a room without windows like a bathroom on the lowest floor, stay away from windows, you can get under something sturdy like a table or bed and cover it with mattress to protect yourself

Severe bleeding

This is one of the most serious conditions, we all know what can happen if a person loses too much blood. Here is what you can do; remove the clothing or bandage from the wound and do not attempt to clean the wound at this point, place a sterile bandage on it, press the bandage firmly until the bleeding stops and cover the person with blanket to prevent loss of blood

Snake attack

If you ever come across a snake in your house and you want to contain the situation, do the following; stay calm first, move quietly and slowly, do not dry to catch or handle it, cover it with heavy blanket or pieces of clothes so it doesn’t move around and call for special service to catch it.

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