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Dusk to Dawn Curfew Should Be Lifted And Replaced With The Following [Opinion]

Inasmuch as dusk to dawn curfew plays a role in preventing the spread of Corona virus, it's effectiveness cannot exceed 10% of the preventive measures. Majority of COVID-19 patients results from contact process.

Government should emphasize more on wearing face masks, keeping social distancing, hand washing with soap, avoiding crowd etc. Night curfew is suitable when dealing with crime. It should be lifted or used only when necessary. Officers are taking advantage of it, breaking into closed doors with loud music or emancipating noise and frustrating the residents for defying curfew rules.

What is a night curfew then? Or maybe I'm the one who doesn't understand it's meaning. It simply means not being outdoors at a particular time. Often at night, the streets are deserted with one or two people. Crowds are evident during the day. Is one or two people along the street more dangerous than the crowd when it comes to viral spread?

The purpose of the night curfew should be defined. If it's key role is to prevent the spread of coronavirus, then there should be no exceptions, let it apply to everyone except the implementors.

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