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The STD With Silent Symptoms. Check Signs And Symptoms Of Genital Herpes.

Genital herpes is one of the Common sexually Transmitted Infection. It is caused by a type of a Virus called The Simplex Virus. It is one of the most feared sexually Transmitted Infection since once you acquire the Virus you will never be Cured. However Treatment is aimed at curing the symptoms only. The most common method of transmission is having unprotected intimate moments with infected people.

It is easy to diagnose this STD even at home because the first symptoms can tell you you are at risk of having contracted the disease. Below are Common Signs and Symptoms Of Genital Herpes.

1. Painful Sores around your genitals that are painful and filled with fluid. At times the bumps can break and release the fluids. When the Sores heal they form hard crust known as Scab.

2. Sores can also appear on your mouth.

3. Feeling lots of itchiness and uncomfortable around your genitals.

4. Swollen Lymph nodes.

5. Most people experience Headaches, body aches and fever.

When You experience these symptoms it is very important to visit your gynaecologist for further check up.

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