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Constantly nose bleeding? Here's why.

Nosebleeds are common .They rarely indicate a serious medical problem . Anyone can get a nose bleed,most people will have at least one in their lifetime.

However frequent or heavy nosebleeds may indicate more serious health problems such as high blood pressure or a blood clotting disorder and should be checked.Constant bleeding for a prolonged time may also cause a more severe illness such as anaemia.

Nosebleeds may be caused by the following factors.

-Dry air or heated air that dries out the inside of the nose.It is the most common cause of nosebleeds .Dry air can be caused by hot ,low humidity climates or heated indoor air.

-a foreign object in the nose.

-chemical irritants.

-Allergic reactions.

-injury to the nose.

-repeated sneezing.

-picking the nose.

-upper respiratory infection.

-cold air.

How to stop a nosebleed.

-sit upright and lean your body and your head slightly forward.This will keep the blood from running down your throat which can cause nausea , vomiting and diarrhoea.

-pinch the soft part of the nose and breathe through the mouth.

-release the pinch after 10 minutes and repeat if bleeding persists.

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