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Tips on getting rid of a thin body

Are you tired of looking thin? Here are ways to gain weight which will work for you achieve a curvaceous body. Most people in our generation are soo focused on losing weight such that adding some pounds is not a thing that most talk about. However, it has got my attention that while others want lose weight, there are those want to gain. I'll give tips on how to get that curvaceous body.

Here are few tips to follow:

1) Have frequent small meals. This will enable eating of more food and improves your calorie intake.

2) Do not drink water before meals. Drinking water will steal some of your appetite.

3) Do some work outs everyday. After work outs take proteinous foods to retain muscle mass. This helps you gain muscle positively.

4) Make sure to have enough and quality sleep. This ensures an healthy body.

5) You can see a doctor to advice you on weight gain supplements.

6) Be a positive person to avoid stress.

7) Increased good calorie intake. Eat food with high calorific content.

Content created and supplied by: DaphneFields (via Opera News )


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