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The World is Crying, India is Sinking, UK, Germany, US and China Comes Together to Save India

India is considered to be the world's pharmaceutical powerhouse with most of the world's medical supplies coming from the Asian country. However over the month, India has been the most hit country with tye coronavirus since it's outbreak. The Asian country has been recording hundreds of thousands of new Infections every day a thing that has shocked the world.

This new spike has now overrun the health system in India with Hospitals now turning away new patients. Tye acute shortage of oxygen has even made it more worse and now international communities have started to gather resources to help the country from sinking even further.

Today India yet again reached another record after thousands deaths were recorded. The countries morgues ran out of stretchers, and patients were all over the streets in search to f Hospital beds. This situation has forced the authorities to cut down city park trees to help in cremation services of the bodies.

This situation has attracted the attendance of the world and top world economies have now pledged to help in saving lives. The acute shortage of vital life-saving oxygen is in short supply and countries including Britain, Germany and the United States have pledged to send urgent medical aid to help battle the crisis that is collapsing India's tattered healthcare system.

Pictured: Burning pyres in a make-shift crematorium in Delhi, India, on April 24, 2021. India's new coronavirus deaths reached a record peak on Monday as the country's morgues ran out of stretchers, patients were seen wandering the streets in search of hospital beds, and trees from city parks were set be used to burn bodies

India over the last 24 hours recorded over 2800 deaths with over 352,000 new infections. Indian prime minister has urged all it's citizens to get the Covid19 jab as the only long term mitigation remedy. Meanwhile China on the other hand has said that urgent action needs to be taken least the country will have over 500,000 cases daily in the next one or two weeks.

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