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Uses Of Arimis Milking Jelly That You Need To Know.

Here are some other uses of arimi's that you need to know.

It can be used to diaper rash. Most babies usually tend to get rashes especially when they wear diapers more often. This rashes are the wetness in diapers after urinating. Simply apply this petroleum jelly on the baby before putting on the diaper. It creates a moisture barrier which helps in reducing the risk of diaper rash.

Arimi's can also be used in moisturizing cracked and dry feet and hands. This petroleum jelly can help you to gain your confidence back by helping you with your dry and flaky skin. If you have a cracked feet and dry hands, simply apply a good amount of Arimi's on your feet (the affected area) and wear socks. You will be surprised with the results in the morning. For better results, do it more oftenly before going to bed.

It can also be used in making perfume to stay longer in your body. I know it sounds weird but arimi's can be of great help. Simply apply a small amount of petroleum jelly behind your ears, armpits, wrists, hands and knees before applying your perfume. This jelly helps in absorbing the scent thus making sure that the perfume lasts on your body for long.

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