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What You Should Know Before Going For Kidney Transplant

Sometimes we do hear that someone had gone for kidney transplanting. How it is normally being done and its side effects, none is aware about. Today, I will show you some facts about kidney transplanting you should know before making decisions about the same.

Most cases of kidney failures are caused by uncontrolled high blood sugar level and blood pressure. While we consider kidney treatment as a life saving, functions performed after transplant is too much low compared to that done by the normal kidney.

When a kidney fails, the victim will need to either go for a kidney transplant or dialysis so that he/she can be able to survive. Dialysis is considered a life treatment to kidney failure but it has one disadvantage; it only performs a small percentage that the normal does and it can also cause some serious health problems and complications.

For example, if you develop kidney failure and go on dialysis, you will have to undergo for the procedure at least three times a week. This can also lead to loss of jobs as a result of absenting.

While in transplant, there is a longer life expectancy as compared to those on dialysis. When comparisons are done for those on dialysis and transplant after 10 years, about 90 per cent of those on dialysis will not survive while in 40 years, 90 perfect of those on transplant will be surviving and living a quality life.

In terms of cost, transplant may cost any amount not less than 1.5 million and a maximum of about 3 million depending with the heath facility. Additional costs such as transport costs and stay fees may increase the treatment cost if treatment is done abroad in countries such as India.

This therefore we hereby reminded to take proper precautions such as lowering intake of sugar to avoid cases of blood pressure that might inturn leads to kidney failure. This will make us live a healthy life.

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