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How Onion consumption lowers risk of diseases like heart disease

Onion is a common ingredient used while cooking but what people don't know is that it serves a great importance to the body.

Generally Onions contain compounds that is antioxidants used to fight inflammation. Onion play a major role in that it helps to decrease triglycerides hence reduce cholesterol levels.

The following are importance's of onion to our health: onion reduces the risk of heart disease which is a fatal disease and stroke-that is it contains sulphur compounds that help in reducing cholesterol and breakdown blood clots hence it lowers the risk to a heart disease

Onions are good source of vitamin c ,potassium,copper,protein,and other compounds that are helpful to the body.some people suffer from diabetes which in this case consumption of onion in our bodies help in diabetes control.This is because of the sulpher and quercetin used to promote insulin production.Onions help to reduce the risk to Alzheimer's disease that is because onions contain flavonoids which when highly consumed decrease the risk to Alzheimer's diseases.

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