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Big Blow to African Union [AU] After USA suspends The Use of This Vaccine [Johnson and Johnson]

Johnson and Johnson vaccine has received a huge blow after the united States’ Food and Administration and centers for disease control announced that they were halting the use of the Johnson and Johnson vaccines. This is after six [06] people who had received the dosage of the vaccine, reported incidences of blood clots.

The effect of the vaccine was felt after at least 6.8 Million people had received the jab in the country. The six who experienced the side effects were all women. The CDC after the announcement revealed that they will meet tomorrow for further review on the vaccine’s effects.

Doctors carrying out Covid-19 tests. Photo|Operanews

To the African Union, the halt of the vaccine’s usage is a big blow after the manufacturer announced some two weeks ago that they were planning for shipment of the one dose vaccine to the 56 AU countries. The vaccine if supplied will see at least 60% of African population getting the vaccine by next year. However, the AU have since responded, saying that there was nothing to worry out after USA's statement on the Vaccine halt.

Johnson&Johnson Vaccine.Photo|Courtesy

[Chanjo ya Johnson & Johnson: Marekani imesitisha kwa muda utumizi kwa raia wake. Watu 6 wamepata mgando wa damu baada ya kuchanjwa.]Citizen TV|Twitter..

[Hata hivyo, wengine milioni 6.8 hawakuwa na madhara. Shirika la kukabili maradhi Afrika lasema hakuna la kuhofia.] [Click here]

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