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"Bangi Ndio Jibu" Uproar as Scientists Discover Bhang can help in Fight Against Covid-19

The end of the year 2019 will be remembered for by every one for the discovery of covid-19 in Wuhan city, China. Ever since the spread of these viral infection, nothing has ever been the same. Thousands of businesses were closed down as they could not survive the mandatory lock downs while other sectors such as the entertainment sector are yet to go back to how things were in the beginning.

As such, so much effort has been put in place by scientists from all over the world to try and totally eradicate covid-19. Vaccines have been invented but majority of the population in developing countries are yet to receive the jab because they believe it does not offer adequate protection.

As research continues by each day, researchers in Oregon university have found thst two compounds found in cannabis (bhang) can prevent infection of human cells from covid by binding to spike proteins of corona virus. The two cannabinoid acids are said to be found in the hemp variety of cannabis.

These findings have however been met with some criticism as some scientists argue that reaserch study may not always translate to reality. In Kenya, such findings pause a dilemma because bhang and its products are illegal in Kenya.

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