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Story Of a Three-Year-Old Girl In Tanzania Who Can Allegedly Treat Every Disease

It is in Tanzania where there was found a three years old girl child who has extraordinary power to heal different kind of diseases and turning pure water to whole water.The whole water used to heal different kind of diseases and even the deadly one.

She can treat even disease that doctor can not treat.She is becoming famous because of the miracles she is performing.

She spend three years in her mother's womb unlike other children and she started talking at the age of seven months.

She healed the deaf, people who have been affected by cancer and even she curse out demons.People wondered what kind of child is this and where she came from.

The child is a last born in there family as it was explained by her parents.The more she grew the more she developed super power.She plays with other children as normal.She one day told her fellow children that her mother is coming and she ran to burning fire.They tried to control her but they were not able to return her back.They ran away to their homes reporting what happened.

When she prayed fire would come from heaven and cover her but she would not burn.She said that she is Jesus and her mother is Mary.

She treats people from various places with different kind of diseases with free without paying anything and her parents accept that.

She has faced many challenges by people who have tried to kill her through juice but she said that her mother has denied that she can not die that way.She can detect poison food and ask them why do they kill her with poison.

She instructed them to build a house using stones and not bricks to use it when it is time of praying.She said that the house will be a cornerstone when using stones to build it.

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