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Pregnancy period

Ultrasound scanning process

This is an act of having a view to the inside body function and parts which would otherwise be not seen by bare eye.

Scanning is most commonly done in pregnant women.

However, in Kenya a few women are not utilizing the service due to low economic standards, ignorance and myths such as “I will get cancer if I do the ultrasound. Also other women think that scan is only for gender view and not necessary.

In this short paper we will be able to take care of need for scan and encourage all pregnant women to get scan at least by the 9th week of pregnancy.

1. You might be carrying a mole.

You just tested positive for a pregnancy, you have all the signs for pregnancy, nausea, vomiting, bulging stomach. Yet by the time you are in the second semester your doctor tells you this is a mole pregnancy.

For some people its diagnosed late when it has become a cancerous tumor even.

Suppose you get a scan early this can be solved.

A mole pregnancy is a collection of an amorphous human tumor and placenta/sacs.

This tumor can turn cancerous if not taken care of well.

Management is by dilattage and curettage- basically suctioning.

2. It can be just a blighted ovum.

You still missed periods and counting weeks only to find out that the fertilization never gave rise to any human just placenta and sacs.

Scanning by nine weeks will help you solve this.

3. Missed miscarriage.

Basically carrying a dead embryo/fetus for weeks without knowledge.

Only scan can solve this in the first and second trimester when the baby has not started kicking. Upto 18 weeks.

4. Fetal malformations.

Conditions such as hydrocephalus have a poor outcome usually death, cardiac conditions too. Some babies have kidney malformations and such die few hours after birth.

Suppose you have a scan, you will know all this and discuss about your choices whether to carry on the pregnancy to term or terminate.

Common malformations such as lack of limbs are experienced in Kenya.

5. Dating, view the umbilical cord and placenta age.

Dating will help you know the age of the pregnancy and time to give birth.

Best estimated dates of delivery are gotten by scans done between 1 week up to 12 weeks. The rest scans is an estimation of baby growth and rarely accurate.

The umbilical cord can go around the neck and risk the fetus dead by strangulation. Scan will show location of cord and certain precautions will be taken.

Placenta age will determine need for delivery. An old placenta means the baby should be delivered as soon as possible because the nutrition is compromised due to an old placenta.

As you can see there is nowhere gender is an important part of scan.


First trimester scan 6weeks -12 weeks. Can be one or two.

Second trimester scan 15 weeks-26 weeks. Can be one.

Third trimester scan 28weeks -40 weeks. Can be two or more depending with the risk in pregnancies.

How to budget for scan.

On average a scan will cost at least 700 ksh in level 4 hospitals and 1500 in level six hospitals.

You can start saving by scan by keeping a one weekly target of 200ksh. By the 5th week of pregnancy you would have gotten enough for your scan.

For mums who are totally incapable to save directly you can open an n hif account and use it for imaging. This is tough and rarely works because you have to go through a long process to prove that you are needy.


Regards-Miss Euny.

Content created and supplied by: Euny (via Opera News )



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