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If you get to Notice These Five Things, It is an Indicator That you Have too Much Blood in the Body

Bone marrow is the organ than produces 95% of the blood in the body. This organ formes all the blood elements. Sometimes this organ may be triggered to produce more blood than the normal. A normal human body should have about 10 pints of blood. There are so many effects of having too mach blood. The best thing is that this condition can be corrected by donating blood.There are several ways in which you can be able to notice that you have excess blood in the body. The first and most common Indicator is that you may start to have frequent nose bleeding and mostly in the morning.Nose bleeding happens mostly to reduce the excess amount of blood. To stop this you just need to donate some blood and you will get back normal.

Secondly, you may have high blood pressure. Sometimes when the heart is overloaded with too mach blood, the body react to this condition by increasing the pressure of the blood. This can be easily noticed when testing the blood pressure. Right now most hospital are taking the blood pressure readings even before other treatment which is the best thing to maintain a healthy society.

Sometime if you have too mach blood in the body, you may notice that you are shedding too mach blood even after a minor fracture or cut. You may even think that you have a problem with the clotting of blood.In ladies, they may experience very heavy shower while they are in their period or even have periods that take so long.

Too mach blood in the body may cause heart attack since this organ is overloaded. Sometime it can also cause the clotting of blood in the vein which is a very serious condition. Incase this happens in the coronary artery, it can lead to death. The best way to maintain a normal blood quantity is making sure you keep donating blood after a certain interval as long you meet the required conditions. This helps to save life of many people who need that blood.

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