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Meet The 47-Year-Old Man Whose Bones Break Like Glass

Sibamona Aloys was born around 1974 and was born with mental illness. Aloys managed to handle the mental disorder while growing up until another group of inherited disorders added to his woes.

While growing up he was able to work and provide for himself but as he grew his body also grew in pain due to several complications he had been diagnosed with. Currently, he is unable to work and even the house that he stays in was donated by the community.

Alloys suffer from Osteogenesis imperfecta that is caused by defective genes. This is a type of inherited disorder characterized by fragile bones that break easily. These genes affect how the body makes collagen. This is a type of protein that helps strengthen bones.

His head is not that strong such that a fall can cause brain damage. Also, his bones are always coming out of his body. According to alloys, he takes medication daily. He can become blind once he fails to take his medications on daily basis.

There are several treatments for Osteogenesis imperfecta and which I shall list below.

1. Fracture care involves casting and splinting fractured bones. This helps them to heal properly.

2. Bracing- people suffering from this condition are advised to wear braces on the legs which offer extra support for weak muscles and reduce the pain.

3. Meditation- this type of drug does not love new bones but they slow down the loss of existing bones.

4. Lastly, people suffering from this disorder they can undergo surgery to correct bone deformities.

In addition to that, alloys were also born with cancer. When he coughs blood comes out of his mouth and nose when he sneezes. At first, he has all wounds on his face and went to seek medication. He was later diagnosed with cancer. Alloys do not move at night and even during the day he only moves within his compound.

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Sibamona Aloys


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