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Did You Know That Rosemary Plant is a Mosquito and Bedbug Repellant? See More of Its Benefits

Rosemary is a very healthy plant with good and nice scent.It can be taken in as leaves or oil can be extracted from it.It can also be inhaled or applied on the skin.There are different varieties with different colours but the sweet smell remains the same.Below are some of its benefits that can do wonders to your mental and physical health.

1.Improves eyesight.

It has components that slow progression of eye disorders like cataracts.

2.Fights Infections and disease causing organisms.

This is because it has antioxidants and antimicrobial properties.

3.Reduces risk of contracting diabetes.

It lowers blood sugar hence reducing insulin levels.

4.For healthy brain .

It improves brain functioning hence preventing breakdown of acetylcholine hormone which enhances good thinking and concentration.It also prevents death of brain cells.

5.Improves moods,memory and attention.

This is when you inhale it.

6.Reduces the risk of getting skin cancer.

Taking rosemary in reduces spread of cancer cells.

7.Reduces stress.

It inhibits production of Cortisol hormone that causes stress.

8.Healthy heart.

It reduces the risk of getting heart attacks and diseases.

9.Good digestion.

It improves balance of gut bacteria hence promoting good digestion.

10.Weight loss.

Try rosemary,it has components that can make you lose weight.

11.Improves growth of hair.

Applying rosemary oil in your hair prevents hair loss and baldness.

12.Seasoning of food.

It's sweet aroma is what makes it a flavour added to soups,tea and meat.

13.Pain reliever.

Rosemary oil relieves joint pains, inflammation and injuries.It can also treat rheumatic arthritis.

14.Natural pesticide.

It is a repellant that can kill blood sucking insects like mosquitoes,bedbugs and ticks.

15.Good blood circulation.

It expands blood vessels hence blood moves evenly in the body.

16.Inhibits food poisoning.

It prevents growth of bacteria in the body that can lead to food poisoning.

Content created and supplied by: MissT_Agany. (via Opera News )

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